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Onyx - Emergency Maintenance

Rebuilding of the lost drives in /works offline OST is estimated to complete on Monday. Every safeguard is being taken to preserve the data on this OST.

Until this activity is complete, users will not have access to files on 2 OSTs (the one with failed drives and its pair). Users can determine if they have inaccessible files with "ls -l" or "stat" of the filename which will result in a message of "Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown". A simple "ls -l" of an entire directory will also produce an error before the listing of files. Any files on offline OSTs will display permissions of ??????????. If you wish to remove these files, please use "rm -f" and the filename.

Onyx has been returned to production with the remaining 74 OSTs of /work fully functional.

All PBS jobs have been placed on hold in order to give users time to determine if all necessary files exist to execute properly. If you have a previously queued job and would like it to run, please use "qrls" and the job ID to return it to a queued state.

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