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Onyx - Emergency Maintenance

In order to repair a Lustre OSS node, Onyx has temporarily lost access to an OSTs. OST 44 from /p/work has been taken offline for emergency maintenance. Files on this OST are not read only, they are completely inaccessible.

While this OST is offline, files on OST 44 in $WORKDIR will display errors such as "Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown" and the permissions on the file will display as ??????????. These errors should resolve after the maintenance.

NOTE: Users can check files under their work directory to see if any will be impacted using the script "cd" into a directory containing files you would like to check, then pass as arguments a list of files (wildcards are allowed in bash). The script will output only files on OST 44 which will be impacted.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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