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Welcome to the ERDC DSRC

We are one of five DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers (DSRCs) operated by the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). We serve the high performance computing (HPC) needs of engineers and scientists throughout the DoD by providing a complete HPC environment, training, and expertise in the CFD, CSM, and EQM Computational Technology Areas.

Recent News

Garnet Default Programming Environment Change

Posted 10/07/2015

1. During the 9-13 November Scheduled Time Out (STO) for Garnet, we will change the default programming environment modules to Cray's December 2014... Read more...

Scheduled Maintenance For Next 30 Days
Date System Start End Details
Dec 09-10 Topaz 0800 CT 1600 CT Hardware Maintenance

Garnet Upgraded to Largest Unclassified DoD Supercomputer

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